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The Space Between



Production Company

Westfolk Film Co.


Creative Development

Video Production



Westfolk is a full-service production company on a mission to bring all the moving parts of your vision to life. We have a keen appreciation for the cosmos and everything in between. We look forward to thinking outside of the box for out-of-the-box communication systems.

The Space Between

Our vision is to create a brand film that ignites interest and appeal to the masses, invoking wonder around CesiumAstro. By combining stunning imagery of the products and manufacturing process at CesiumAstro's facilities, highly curated 4K stock footage, and incredible sound design, we will convey the idea that CesiumAstro is much easier to understand than rocket science, communicating the who, what, and why behind the brand.

Scratching the surface, we'd like to pitch an initial concept called "The Space Between" and further develop this creative narrative with your team. The brand film will explore the vast possibilities and ways in which CesiumAstro maximizes the space between ground and sky. Think fast-paced montage of textural footage, paired with stimulating sound effects that appeal to all the senses, contrasting from early phases of communication leading up to the cutting-edge technology that CesiumAstro has perfected.


We'll develop a visual tempo by cutting from footage captured on the ground at the manufacturing facility, all the way up to high-speed, high-altitude footage of the technology in action. Through meticulous color grading and carefully curated 4K stock footage, we'll create a cohesive aesthetic to give the feel that it was all captured from one single source. 


Rocket Launch

We appreciate the opportunity to share our early ideas, and hope to partner with CesiumAstro. Let's take this idea from the factory floor to the launchpad together.


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